Non-invasive ICP meter

BrainSafe - The Worlds first accurate non-invasive ICP meter:

  • Based on two-depth Doppler ultrasound technology;
  • Does not need a patient specific calibration;
  • Capable of measuring absolute intracranial pressure non-invasively, accurately and precisely in left or right hemispheres of the brain;
  • Designed to be simple and rapid to use with minimal training;
  • 0-50 mmHg ICP measurement range;
  • Automatic measurements, rapid ICP digital measurerement results in a few minutes;
  • Accurate and precise
       – Clinically validated
       – Systematic ICP measurement error accuracy less than 0,5 mmHg
       – SD of random error precision less than 2,3 mmHg
  • Safe
       – Ultrasonic insonation levels matching approved ultrasound devices
       – Avoids the complications of invasive ICP monitoring
       – Disposable pressure cuff and head frame
       – Maximum pressure levels on orbit equivalent  to 70 cm depth of water
  • Reliable

     –  In vivo proven repeatability of results.

The non-invasive ICP meter will be a breakthrough improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of brain trauma and neurological diseases. It will open up possibility for use in several settings where ICP monitoring would improve care, but it’s currently avoided because of highly invasive nature of available methods.